Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Powering on here to try and get caught up. After St. Patrick's Day we were counting down the days until Spring Break. The weather has definitely started to heat up so we are finding ourselves covered in sunscreen and wearing shorts or undies (not me, the boys). We are starting to realize how quickly the school year is coming to an end and how fast our upcoming move will be approaching so we are trying to savor the time left in Arizona while also preparing for our move.
The boys play hard all day and crash very hard at night.

The weeks have flown by so quickly that we soon realized we were almost out of chances to see a Spring Training game. So we booked a sitter and headed to the ball park for a fun game. The Padres were playing the Colorado Rockies.
The ball park is prime "people watching" country, if you know what I mean. We sat a bit to watch the game and then walked a couple laps. We stopped in the bar area and laughed at these two guys in their Dumb N Dumber tracksuit tuxedos.
My parents thoroughly enjoy taking the boys to McDonalds for pancakes at least one day every weekend. The boys love it and my mom and dad love it.
Caderyn had an incredible report card this third semester. We were very proud of him. 

The weekend after St. Patrick's Day was the Arizona Highland Games. I haven't been to this since I was a senior in high school and this would be the first time I'd get to watch my Dad compete on home territory. Gibby grooved out on the way to the games.
 To be completely honest with you, I freaking love these games. The people are fun and a blast to watch and there's just so many interesting things going on at one time. It was warm, but we had a really good time. I mean, how could you not? Especially when you see people wearing fur boots.
Opening ceremonies. You can kind of see my Dad. He's got like a red flag next to his head.
The Opening Ceremonies were great. All the bands sounded fantastic. There is nothing more powerful than the sound of a good bagpipe band. That music hits you in the core of your can also make your ears hurt.
Gibby has become quite the conversationalist lately. His expressions and words crack me up. Here he is telling me a story about how a bird pooped on his window. His car window has a big ole plop of bird poo on it; he thinks its hilarious and tells the story over and over and over.

Caderyn is always a fan of In N Out.

And here's another video of Gibby. He is not a morning person. This proves it.
And yes, he is still in his crib. He'll get a big boy bed this summer.

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