Tuesday, April 7, 2015


The week after I got back from Disneyland was busy, busy, busy!
We had a couple days to get back into routine and then my in-laws arrived from Montana to help us celebrate Caderyn's SIXTH birthday. He didn't know they were coming and it was so perfect! They arrived to town on his birthday and I had already arranged to bring cupcakes into his class before dismissal. They came with me and then walked into the classroom right behind me. Oh man! I wish I had been faster and gotten a picture of his face. His eyes got as big as saucers and he turned bright red (he gets that from me). He just couldn't believe that they were here!
Such a lucky boy!
After school ended for the day we went home and let Caderyn open his birthday presents. 

With my parents both gone for a few days, Lucy took full advantage of their bed.  
Caderyn was a very popular boy the weekend of his birthday! Shortly after opening his presents, he had another birthday party to go to a Pump It Up. We love that place. Gibby also had a blast. 
After the birthday party we came home to get ready for bed and let Caderyn open (in his undies) his final birthday present...a shiny new bike! 
 The next morning we got up and took Mema and Papa to breakfast at the airplane restaurant. We love that place. We ate a hearty breakfast and watched airplanes and helicopters take off and land.
 We visited the dollar (its actually $3) later that night for a movie and then had In N Out for dinner.
It really was such a wonderful day. I hope we didn't drag them around too much!
Saturday arrived and it was the day of Caderyn's birthday party. We had it at this great place called PlayGrounds which is basically a giant indoor jungle gym. That place took care of everything. I hardly had to lift a finger. It was glorious and the kids had a blast.
 Dinosaur cake! They didn't spell his name wrong, I just couldn't get a good angle with all that frosting.

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