Monday, April 6, 2015


Pretty much all of March has been a whirlwind. I'm trying to get everyone caught up, but then another busy day comes along.
I got home from Disneyland close to midnight on a Thursday and had to work early Friday morning. It was a fun day though. I subbed in my kindergarten class all day and we basically had a fun party day. It was good to be back and see the boys and tell them all about my trip. We had a busy weekend right when I got back. Caderyn had a birthday party for a friend and then we started his birthday celebrations early because both of my parents were going to be gone on his actual birthday.
Gibby, I think, was happy to have his Mommy back.   
My sweet class made me this sign and each said such kind words. My heart was so full! 
Gibby LOVES suckers. This Disneyland sucker was probably the highlight of his year.

Birthday party fun.
Caderyn got to choose a place to have his (early) birthday lunch. He chose In N Out. Yep. He's definitely my son.  
After lunch we went home and he got to open a few presents (early).  

What is it? What is it?
A new video game! 
 What is it? What is it?
 Excited dance.
 And Gibby showed off his Cars Mickey hat.

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B, in the Great Funkk said...

Did I miss a post where you cut Gibby's hair? He looks like a totally different lil' dude. :-)