Friday, April 10, 2015


Attending a school run by Irish nuns automatically qualifies you for a great St. Patrick's Day.  Caderyn and my Dad went to school together that morning and played their bagpipes as the kids walked into school. It was probably the most precious thing EVER.
The rest of the school day was really just about having fun until the main event: The St. Patrick's Day Carnival. Two hours of games, sugar highs, and crazy.
I went with Pam and Craig and exposed them to the chaos. It was a warm day, but I think everyone had a good time. Later that evening, I snuck out to watch my Dad's band play at one of their many St. Patrick's Day stops. We had a green beer and cheered them on. They always do a fantastic job. People! They are for hire!
 Freckle attack! 

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