Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Finishing up Spring Break and moving into the end of our April, we've kept busy.
Here is a glimpse of our day to day lives.

Such a ham this one. He loves staying home with Mom two days a week. 
 This must be the person he gets that sass from...
And we are continuing our adventure in potty training. As you can see, he's really into it.

 Sunset over my old high school.
I recently learned (and am still learning) to play Tripoly and joined my mom's card group for their game night. It was pretty dang fun! 

 I am co-coaching Caderyn's t-ball team. After a long day of school and our first t-ball game, I just wasn't going to cook dinner. So I took the boys to Peter Piper Pizza for whatever crazy reason that popped into my head.  
One of Gibby's favorite things to do is play superheroes with his brother. He loves being The Hulk. You just know, underneath that mask, that he's making the exact same face.   
The corgi has been getting caught more and more on the couches lately.
We recently discovered a new park in Anthem. It has a three story jungle gym. It has a water park. It has a train. I mean...my kids were in heaven.
Waiting for the train to board.
There it goes!
Mr. No Nap thinks he's a pretty big deal.  
Back in school and into the routine after Spring Break was harrrrrrrd. But we powered through and before we knew it, the A.R. Promotion week was upon us. This is a crazy week where basically everyone at the school just reads and reads and then test on what they read all week long. There are no classes. Just reading. It was exciting and then it was exhausting. Caderyn was also the Teacher's Assistant for the day. My parent's purchased this as an a school auction item a couple months ago.  He came over into my room when school got over and said, "Oh Mommy! I wish I could be the assistant every day!" He really enjoyed his tasks and some of the freedoms he got.  He helped monitor recess. He reads the class books. He was in charge of the line. He got to each lunch with the teachers and a friend of his choice in the Teacher's Lounge, he got a special treat. The list goes on and on.
And Goose.  

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