Saturday, June 6, 2015


Ladies and gentlemen, we are nearing the end of our year here in Arizona.
It went by so fast! I still can't believe how quickly it went. It feels like just yesterday we pulled up. The entire time I've been here has felt like a dream, like I'm here on an extended vacation.
We have enjoyed our time here. I am eternally grateful for my parents and the huge sacrifice they made this year in opening up their home to us.
We've made some incredibly wonderful memories. We've made some friends I'm sad to leave. We've eaten at some places I will never forget. I've become a professional at freeway driving (You take the 101, to the 17, to the 10...). My children have grown physically and emotionally. Our hearts have become very full this year.
To all the friends we've made here, thank you. I am so thankful for you and the friendship you have shown my family. We will not forget you and we will be back to visit. To all the people I've worked with this year, you amaze me. I've always had a large amount of respect for teachers (since I grew up with a mom who was one), but now, having worked in a school this year, that respect and admiration has grown ten-fold. Enjoy your summer, you deserve it!
Thanks for the memories Arizona! Thanks for the wonderful weather--except for Monday and Tuesday of this week. That was a little too hot for me. We are on to the next adventure.

IMPORTANT READ THIS: At this time, I will be cut off from most of my computers that I blog from. So, I am going to take a short hiatus from the blog this summer, just until we get established in our new home. Keep checking things on here because you never know when I might post! Also I only had enough time to post pictures from half the year before we left, so that's why they stop at December.





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Eden said...

So many lovely pictures of you guys having fun- memories to treasure for decades!