Monday, August 31, 2015


Jeff was fortunate to have a few days off once we arrived at our new home. So we continued to unpack and get settled. The boys room was one of the first to be completely unpacked. We also got our picture wall started. Jeff and I were going for that "hipster-oh-look-nothing-matches" vibe with our pictures. We are going to keep adding to it through the years and make it more unmatched. The Type A in me cringes, but the Type B thinks she'll have some fun.

Mandatory cute Gibby photo.
When unpacking started to get to us, we tried to find a few fun adventures to fill our time. We happened to stumble on one of our favorite places to visit so far: Manitou Springs. Only a few minutes from where we live this tourist town is adorable and full of life. They also have a world- famous arcade full of old-school games. You will, at the most, pay only 50 cents to play. So $20 will get you over an hour of fun. The boys (and their parents) love it.  
Manitou Springs is known for its healing springs. They have a few directly feeding through the town that you can taste. We tried a couple. It's very salty, almost briny, tasting. Watching other people take drinks, some were unaffected while others spat and sputtered.

 Where's Waldo? I mean, Jeff?
Gibby LOVES all of the quarter rides. While Caderyn and his Dad play games, Gibby and I hop around from ride to ride. He is meticulous in his choosing, it has to be the right ride for his adventurous mind. The airplane is a favorite, he could go up and down on this ride for hours.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


We made it to our new home in pretty good time after staying in Greybull. Our initial plan was to stay the night at a hotel, but we made it with enough daylight to set up all the beds and get most of our kitchen unpacked--so we stayed the night. We like our new home. It's not huge (easy for cleaning), but has enough space for us plus guests, and we are pretty happy with the location. It's close to Jeff's work and lots of other areas of interest for us. We've been doing our best to explore every chance we get.
 Lucy and the boys wasted no time getting settled in their own ways.
We definitely weren't made about our view. Not at all. 

Our kitchen was slowly, but surely, the first thing that started to come together. I actually really love this kitchen. It has more storage than I'm used to and is very easy to move around in.
We tried to layer our days. The mornings were busy with unpacking and organizing. After lunch we would try and do something fun with the boys. We started to explore out mountain home and liked what we experienced. 

We've also had some tremendous storms since we've been here. I'm talking hail for over an hour, hail the size of quarters (our car took the brunt of that), lightning striking just down the road followed by chest shaking thunder, and, of course, tornado warnings. Never a dull  moment. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


And just like that it was time for our next adventure. Moving day had finally come, and so we packed the car, said our goodbyes, and loaded into the car to begin the next chapter of our lives. We did the drive to CO in two days. We took a little bit of an off the beaten path route through Greybull so we could see some good friends of ours who had moved there over a year ago. The kids played, the adults chatted; it was a good stop for us. Thank you again for hosting us Lisa and JD! After a short night there, we headed off again on the final leg of our journey.
Oh yeah. I bought myself an adult coloring book. Jeff never fails to chime in how inappropriate that always sounds. He's right, but I don't care. Best decision I ever made. I love coloring and it is so calming!
Bonding with baby Amelia. She is just the sweetest. 
 Friends! Hmmm no, I don't look tired at all...

 Friends! I stole these last few pictures from Lisa. 
Thanks again friends!

Monday, August 24, 2015


 The rest of our summer fun in Montana moved very quickly. We spent a few days in Great Falls just getting reacquainted and helping Jeff get some stuff set up for work and our upcoming move. We ate some infamous Taco Treat. YUM. Jeff especially liked it.
Once a plan was in place we spent some time up at the W family cabin. It was really nice, very relaxing. Caderyn lost another tooth and we went on some good walks and ATV rides. 
Bwahahaha this picture cracks me up. Caderyn took this, obviously with my phone, and my face is obviously saying, 'Don't drop it, don't drop it."

Gabriel fell asleep in my arms, for probably the last time. *sniff sniff*  

From the cabin, Jeff and I left the boys with my in-laws and went to Missoula for some time with my family celebrating my Grandpa's 90th birthday. We picked up my brother who flew in from New York. He immediately demanded something huckleberry flavored. 
I couldn't find a picture of all of us that didn't turn out blurry. But this is my mom's side of the family. We've added quite a few kids to the mix. 
Later that same day we had a surprise birthday party for my Uncle. He's an Elvis fan. It was was a busy, exhausting, but fun weekend.
Jeff and his Dad left shortly after we got back from Missoula. Our moving company didn't come through, so they did the moving and driving to our new home themselves. They dropped our stuff off, checked in at work, and then drove back so we could go to my cousin's wedding. Like I said, an exhausting summer, but so much fun.  The wedding was up in Kalispell and we drove through a little bit of Glacier. GORGEOUS. Out-of-state friends, if you are thinking of visiting Montana go to Glacier before Yellowstone. Trust me.
 The wedding and the festivities beforehand were so much fun. I love my family. It was a weekend full of laughs and love.
My hair did a natural Bumpit. 

My Aunt and Uncle, the groom's parents, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in July. Aren't they the sweetest looking couple? They are the best!