Thursday, August 20, 2015


I like the 4th of July in Montana. It's so small town fun! It was a warm day, but we made it downtown in good time and found a great place in the shade to watch the parade. The boys loved the parade. I don't look great in the pictures. I get tired of saying that, but oh my I look so pudgy! But still we had a good time. The boys loved all the trucks and the floats and the candy that was passed out.
 The parade was fun, but the hot weather drained us. So we got home and did some dinner prep and then the Giblet and I took a really good nap. As you can see from this wonderful picture Jeff snapped.
And that's where my pictures end. 
We had a really amazing grilled feast for dinner. Steak and chicken and veggies. Ah! It was all so delicious. After dinner we lit fireworks, which the kids loved, and then watched our neighbors let theirs go--and it was a great display because they all have a stockpile. 
It was a great 4th!

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