Thursday, August 27, 2015


We made it to our new home in pretty good time after staying in Greybull. Our initial plan was to stay the night at a hotel, but we made it with enough daylight to set up all the beds and get most of our kitchen unpacked--so we stayed the night. We like our new home. It's not huge (easy for cleaning), but has enough space for us plus guests, and we are pretty happy with the location. It's close to Jeff's work and lots of other areas of interest for us. We've been doing our best to explore every chance we get.
 Lucy and the boys wasted no time getting settled in their own ways.
We definitely weren't made about our view. Not at all. 

Our kitchen was slowly, but surely, the first thing that started to come together. I actually really love this kitchen. It has more storage than I'm used to and is very easy to move around in.
We tried to layer our days. The mornings were busy with unpacking and organizing. After lunch we would try and do something fun with the boys. We started to explore out mountain home and liked what we experienced. 

We've also had some tremendous storms since we've been here. I'm talking hail for over an hour, hail the size of quarters (our car took the brunt of that), lightning striking just down the road followed by chest shaking thunder, and, of course, tornado warnings. Never a dull  moment. 

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