Monday, August 24, 2015


 The rest of our summer fun in Montana moved very quickly. We spent a few days in Great Falls just getting reacquainted and helping Jeff get some stuff set up for work and our upcoming move. We ate some infamous Taco Treat. YUM. Jeff especially liked it.
Once a plan was in place we spent some time up at the W family cabin. It was really nice, very relaxing. Caderyn lost another tooth and we went on some good walks and ATV rides. 
Bwahahaha this picture cracks me up. Caderyn took this, obviously with my phone, and my face is obviously saying, 'Don't drop it, don't drop it."

Gabriel fell asleep in my arms, for probably the last time. *sniff sniff*  

From the cabin, Jeff and I left the boys with my in-laws and went to Missoula for some time with my family celebrating my Grandpa's 90th birthday. We picked up my brother who flew in from New York. He immediately demanded something huckleberry flavored. 
I couldn't find a picture of all of us that didn't turn out blurry. But this is my mom's side of the family. We've added quite a few kids to the mix. 
Later that same day we had a surprise birthday party for my Uncle. He's an Elvis fan. It was was a busy, exhausting, but fun weekend.
Jeff and his Dad left shortly after we got back from Missoula. Our moving company didn't come through, so they did the moving and driving to our new home themselves. They dropped our stuff off, checked in at work, and then drove back so we could go to my cousin's wedding. Like I said, an exhausting summer, but so much fun.  The wedding was up in Kalispell and we drove through a little bit of Glacier. GORGEOUS. Out-of-state friends, if you are thinking of visiting Montana go to Glacier before Yellowstone. Trust me.
 The wedding and the festivities beforehand were so much fun. I love my family. It was a weekend full of laughs and love.
My hair did a natural Bumpit. 

My Aunt and Uncle, the groom's parents, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in July. Aren't they the sweetest looking couple? They are the best!

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