Wednesday, August 19, 2015


 The first day Jeff was home we spent a lot of time together, just us. We took the boys to the indoor trampoline place. We went out to lunch. We went to the park. Then, that night, Jeff and had a date-dinner. You know, one of those things where you go out, just the two of you, for dinner. 
We tried to take a couple pictures when we'd returned from our date, but as you will see the dog and the kids just weren't having any of it. They all NEEDED to be in the picture with us.

 After our failed attempts at pictures, we decided to go outside for a little pre-4th of July fireworks show.

 Lucy removed herself about as far away as she could from the action. She stood watch over the peanut gallery.
And now VIDEO! Gibby LOVED the fireworks, and the poppers. He thought it was hilarious to throw them at his mom.  My favorite firework of the year was the chicken and the egg.

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