Tuesday, August 11, 2015


After some R and R at the cabin, we ventured to Billings for a visit. I have an aunt and a great-aunt and uncle who live there and we were long overdue for a visit. My aunt and her partner built a beautiful house WITH A FULL ON MOVIE THEATER. Ahem. Sorry about that. I tend to get excited about cool house features. So they graciously hosted the boys and I for a few days and it was so much fun. 

Eh eh? What was I talking about? Pretty amazing, right? I could live in a room like that and never emerge into the sunlight.
In my excitement of presenting their awesome theater, I forgot to mention that they also had a fully stocked candy bar. Caderyn thought this, and the fact that he got to watch superhero movies, was probably the greatest thing EVER. (His mom did too...)
They also bought a kiddie pool for the boys and on a hot afternoon, this became a hit. The boys were probably in that pool for two hours. Gibby was in there longer than Caderyn and then I realized that he'd pooped in his pool diaper...and it wasn't pretty.But this was before all of that...
There is a popular sporting store in Montana called Scheels. They recently built a GIGANTIC store in Billings. We went to check it out and spent probably four hours there. No joke. They had TONS of fun stuff for the kids and adults. Big aquariums, a Ferris wheel, games...they had it all.

We really had such a great time. I'm so thankful they hosted us, lord knows my boys can be a bit crazy sometimes. Later that day my in-laws came to town and we moved over to a hotel so we could pick up my sister-in-law and brother-in-law from the airport (they were living it up in Cancun) and spend some time with them before sending them off on their journey home. It was a fun, family-filled few days.

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