Tuesday, August 18, 2015


The week after we got home from Billings we were back in Great Falls. Jeff was scheduled to come home Friday afternoon so we did lots of little activities here and there to keep the boys and I (because I was anxious to get Jeff home) busy.

Glamorous, I tell ya. Glamorous. 
 And now the story of Jeff's coming home:
The day Jeff came home was not the actual day he was was coming home. Apparently Jeff and his Dad had been in cahoots. Jeff had been telling his mother and I for about 2-3 weeks now that he was going to get in Friday, late afternoon. So, that's what we'd been planning. Thursday arrived with no other special luster other than it was the day before he was coming home from Korea. 
Craig, my father-in-law, casually mentioned that he really wanted to take the boys to the tractor store up on the hill and then take them out to eat for a special dinner. 
I had some errands I needed to run that just weren't getting done when the kids were with me, so I asked if I could skip going to the tractor store so I could run my errands and I would meet them for dinner.
My mother-in-law agreed. My father-in-law politely said no. He was really adamant that we all should spend this time together, it was something special he wanted to do. Craig NEVER does stuff like this, so I just assumed it was really important to him and opted to run my errands right then and there.
When I got back we loaded up into the car and went to the tractor store.
While at the tractor store I got a phone call from the airlines informing me that some of my husband's personal belongings had arrived early. The worker on the phone (who secretly was working with Jeff) told me he would hold onto it until 5:00 p.m. and then they would charge me for storing it. I let my in-laws know this and Craig didn't even put up a fight or contest that they were going to charge me if I didn't get there by a certain time. That should have sent off a "something is up alarm," because usually Craig would tell me that's a bunch of baloney and get on the phone to argue. But he didn't.
My mother-in-law put up some mild protest about the situation, be we were both a little confused about the whole baggage situation so we continued to go along with it, unaware.
He herded us into the car and got us on our way to the airport. At this point the boys were crazy and hungry and I was getting crabby. We arrived at the airport, parked, and Craig and I walked in together to the ticketing counter. 
The worker approached me and asked what I wanted. I explained who I was and what I'd been told over the phone. And then this ticket guy started to give me ATTITUDE. He told me he needed to see two forms of IDs and started to lecture me about how we almost didn't make it in time. Now keep in mind this guy was in on the whole thing, but at that point I ALMOST...ALMOST snapped some unkind words at him. A suitcase was brought out, I confirmed it was ours and then he said, "Oh hang on there is one more package back here."
And there I stood...completely in the dark and not even expecting what happened next. 
Out walked Jeff with this worker guy behind him. 
I was so shocked and taken by surprise it knocked the wind out of me.
And then I screamed.
And then I jumped at him and started crying. 
Jeff, his dad, and the worker had been in on this whole thing the entire time. 
And they didn't take any pictures!!!!!??????
But I snapped this one just shortly after I was able to calm down a little bit. See the workers in the background thinking how awesome they are. Well they're right.  After a few minutes of letting the shock wear off and so much hugging and kissing we went out to the boys. 
They were confused, but very happy to see their Dad.


And then we went to dinner. Just like my father-in-law had wanted. And then we let the reunion celebrating begin.

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Maria S. said...

Hi Sarah! Your post literally gave me goose bumps. I am so happy for your family to have Jeff home sooner than you expected. How special!?! What an awesome surprise Jeff orchestrated for you :) Love the pictures of the boys wrestling and even Lucy getting in on the fun.
Dillon and I think of you and your family often and I love staying updated on your going-ons through your blog.
Love, Maria