Friday, August 7, 2015


For most of June we kept incredibly busy bouncing around to different towns, seeing different people from our family. It was a whirlwind summer, that's for sure.
Our first week back in Montana we were in Great Falls. We saw some friends and family, ate Taco Treat (but no Howard's. I just realized that now--what's WRONG with me? This needs to be fixed), spoiled some nieces, and enjoyed the cooler weather (compared to Phoenix). 
 I tried to make an effort and run/walk/exercise each day. Now, it didn't always happen because of something with the boys or not having someone to watch them, but I definitely racked up a good number of workout days and I ran more consistently this summer than I have since 2007. No joke. My legs were sore.
 Prescription sunglasses are the latest craze for our generation. Hah!
Lucy enjoyed the weather, the walks, and the yards she got to poop in. 

I got to spend some one-on-one time with my niece Ziva. She is so smart and sweet!

From Great Falls we went to Missoula. I celebrated a friend's wedding, the boys had swimming lessons, we had lots of park playtime, and (most importantly) we helped Gibby turn THREE!
Kpope! I love her.
Kaimin reunion!
I love weddings where people dance. 

The boys had a great time at swim lessons. We did them at Currents this year and I liked their program. I would use them again.

Missoula has some really great parks and areas for kids to run off some energy.
Gibby turned THREE! How can it be that my baby is three? We had a really nice family party at one of the splash parks in Missoula. Other than having a sinus infection, the party went off without a hitch and we were glad so many of our family could make it.

This face just kills me: "Can I have cake yet?"
Yeah! I'm three! Bring on the three-year-old attitude. 

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The McGregor Clan said...

He's a doll! Still can't believe all the babies are three.