Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially caught up on all the pictures and happenings. 
Please, please, hold the applause, it's really not necessary. 
But now this means I'll actually have to do some posts with a little bit of heart and substance. 

The boys were relentless in their requests to get Halloween up, so we obliged them and decorated our outside. It's modest, but fun. We also have a witch hanging up in the tree just outside our entryway. She's one of those mishap witches who wasn't watching where she was going and smashed into the tree. We've named her Broomhilda.

Since we received a Family Membership to the Zoo as a gift, we've been trying to go once a week. Seriously, I love our zoo. Gibby and I went on Monday last week and it was one of the best trips we've had so far. All but one exhibit of animals were out and the animals were active. The Gibster and I had a great time. He loves the zoo. 

The rest of our week included lots of Gibby time while we drove brother around to his different activities. 
This is our typical swim practice set up. He gets the iPad and a chair all to himself and mom gets to relax and watch Caderyn swim.
Just a boy and his inky.
Morning truth. Sometimes mornings are hard for moms. But Isn't that morning blah in all of its glory. Isn't the husband a lucky man?
Potty training has been going much better. But now Gibby is very comfortable in his undies, so comfortable that he takes his pants off the second he gets home and just hangs out in his undergarments. Pretty typical for a dude...amiright?
We went to a little festival late last week, and while Caderyn spent an hour or so bouncing in a bouncy house Gibby found himself a balloon lady who made him a Batman balloon. He floated away on Cloud Batman the rest of the night.
And to follow the Batman trend, Gabriel is more interested in Halloween this year. So interested that he decided, all on his own what he was going to be for Halloween. His current obsession: Batman. It's "Batman this" and "Batman that," so we found him a Batman costume and he'd pretty much worn it every day since. He really gets into character. Yesterday he wore it for an hour and fought crime in our basement. I'm hoping that by the time Halloween comes around, he will still be into the costume and ready to do the whole Trick-or-Treat thing. Last year he was definitely not into it.
 And then we come to the most important day of our week: Donie Friday. 
This is pronounced "dough-knee" and it is the reason my boys get themselves up at 6:45 a.m. on Friday mornings. We leave earlier that usual and stop to get donuts for them to consume. My parents did something similar with my brother and I when we were younger. We used to go to a bagel shop just down the street from our school, and they kept up the tradition pretty regularly after we'd moved to Arizona. I started doing it when we lived in Helena, but really started to cement the tradition last year when we were in Phoenix and there was an excellent donut shop right on the way to school. My kids love this and look forward to it every week. It's nice to have that special time with them in the mornings when we're not rushing around.

Monday, September 28, 2015


 Just two weekends ago we heard about a fantastic event downtown called the "What If..." Emporium of Wonderment and Innovation. Or something like that. So we went to check it out.

We had a good time. 
Can't you tell?

Thursday, September 24, 2015


We are closing the gap here! I have probably two more posts and we should be caught up to present day. Woop woop! So about a week and a half ago we found ourselves waiting on the husband to finish up a workout. The boys were tired and sweaty and whiny after a good hour run session at the park, so I took them to their most favorite place in the whole wide world! Burger King. 
Later that night we took Lucy to a dog-gone fun extravaganza just for dogs. It was Doggie Days at the pool. We loaded her up with her life jacket and descended into the madness. It was insane and hilarious. Everything you know about dogs definitely happened. Lucy is notoriously not a dog-dog. She prefers people, so for the first 20 minutes she cowered under my legs and the lounge chair looking at the chaos. Then we told he it was time to Lady-up, we strapped on her life jacket. Yep, my dog has a life jacket, her butt floats higher than her head so this helps even it out and she actually enjoys swimming more when she wears it. So we strapped on her life jacket and placed her in the water. We made sure we were right next to her and would lift her out when she'd had enough. Toward the end though she appeared to like the whole event. 

I splurged and bought myself a new pair of workout pants. They are pretty groovy. 
Caderyn has been obsessed with bugs lately, so we got him an Extreme Bug Catching kit and went to the park. But first, both boys needed pictures of themselves with the gear. 

I posted yesterday that we'd had some potty training setbacks with the Gibster, so far *knock of wood* we've been able to fly over that hurdle. 
Look at that poop face ladies and gents! You know he's got some serious business going on there!

Halloween decoration are up. And they look so nice.
This is what three looks like. Last week I locked Gibby and I out of both the car and the house. So while we were waiting for our rescuer (thanks Jeff!) to arrive, we sat outside and played and ate snacks. But then the snacks ran out...and the water...and the three-year-old MELTED.
Me being a dork and taking an awkward picture of myself to send to Jeff. 

Another poop face!

Friday night we went to a high school volleyball game. It was hot and crowded, the kids did...fair...and then they came home and crashed.