Wednesday, September 23, 2015


But first look at these! I've been using the Hubs's computer to update the ole' blog and I found a folder from a few years ago and it totally made me smile.
Whoa. Look at that belly. This is actually the day I went into labor with Gibby. So stretched out. 
 Awwwww! Look at my little buddy. When did Caderyn get so big? Look at his little smile. Now he's got these big goofy teeth. He still likes to sit like that at the table though.
And Gibby! Oh Gibby! Look at those cheeks. Look at that glazed milk coma face. Oh Bubba! You still have those cheeks. I'm going to smooch on them today. 

Ok, we're off memory lane and now into present day. Caderyn had an extra day off from school after Labor Day so I got him all trimmed and spiffy looking and then he got to go and purchase a new game for himself. He's been working hard doing chores around the house and earning money each day just so he could save up and buy himself a new Lego video game. He earned it. It was kind of a proud mom moment watching him go through the process of deciding which game he wanted, which one was the best price, and then watching him purchase the game and count out his money for the sales clerk. 
He looks like such a little man. 

So, since I am currently not working (in a job--technically my work at home is never ending) I consider it a banner day if I'm able to get dressed. Most days I just wear comfy workout clothes (and I LOVE it) because I clean or chase after the Gibster. Well on this particular day I did get dressed and put together, and I experimented (because I'm a fashionista) with items in my closet. It turned out...weird. So of course I documented it with photos.

 Gibby and I had another successful pedicure experience.
LOOK AT THAT SUNSET. LOOK AT IT! That's like a dream-scape.
Lucy doesn't usually care for Mondays. 

This spider took up residence in a corner of our home. 
I can't even look at that thing without getting the chills so I spent the time before Jeff came home to take care of this guy by sending him pictures like this.
Legit comparison. 

A while back I posted that Caderyn was interested in joining a swim team. He went to some tryout for a local team and got placed. He's been swimming twice a week and so far he LOVES it and we've seen so much improvement. He was even named "Swimmer of the Week" by his coach and gets to be in charge of a special token as a reward. It's a bracelet with Nemo the fish attached, but you'd think it was one of the Crown Jewels. 

We've been losing teeth over in our house like it's our j-o-b. One of the more recent losses had some drama attached to it. There were tears and many talks to convince him that this would actually work. I tell ya, that Tooth Fairy, she's a crafty gal. 
 I came down with a nasty sinus infection the week after Labor Day. 
Lucy took care of me...but only because she HAAAAAAAD to.

Remember in Helena when we lived in a house with all of those evil meth deer lurking around? Well he have lurkers again. I don't think they are as evil as the ones in Montana, but these ones, THESE ONES, they eat the only flower I've managed to keep alive. I even put it up on my front porch near the door to sway their desire with the imminent thought of me opening the door...on their heads! It didn't work. They early morning attacked it! It didn't even stand a chance. 

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Unknown said...

I've heard placing human hair in the soil keeps the deer away. Maybe you can go to a barber shop and ask for a bag of scraps? Worth a try. (But it's kinda ick, too. Soooooo.... there's that lol.)