Tuesday, September 22, 2015


August came to an end and September arrived. School, Cub Scouts, and swimming all became part of our days. Labor day weekend brought a quick but wonderful visit from my parents. We were busy! We had a brunch, a trip to Manitou Springs, a date night, a trip to the zoo, and a family birthday party. We know how to fit as many activities as possible into a small amount of time!
Manitou Springs was having an art festival on the day that we went. It made for some entertaining people watching and some...rather unusual food palates.
Lucy was so happy to have her buddy back to scratch her belly.
Date night.
Sunday was zoo day and it started out like this:
Gibby was potty training like a champ and then all of the sudden he locked it all up and we were set back again for about three weeks. All he wanted was diapers, so rather than force him and give him a concept, we backed off and let him continue with what he was comfortable with...pooping in front of us. 
And just like that, the weekend of fun was over and we were back into the routine.

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