Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Those of you who know me, know that I'm not one to sit still. I mean, I like a lounge day as much as anyone, but I like the sweet sense of accomplishment that you've worn your kids out at the end of the day. So we hit the ground running and try to find adventures all the time. We found a couple really great parks near our home and we would visit them off and on those last few weeks before school started. Now Gibby and I try to go to the park a couple times a week and will do a family park trip on the weekend.
Look at that storm rolling in off the mountain. Man! We have gotten some awesome storms here. We had another good one last night. 
LOOK AT THAT! I live here! No filter at all. 
As more and more got unpacked, we were able to add a few new little decorative touches to our humble abode. 
Just chillaxing on the swing. This kid could swing and swing all day long.  

Look at this! For a little boy who hasn't had PT or OT all summer I'm so impressed with his climbing skills.  
We stumbled on another fantastic park. This one had a water feature.  
Isn't this cool! It's this giant fountain that slowly rotates and then water comes out the base and all around you can splash and play. The boys loved it. 

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