Monday, September 21, 2015


 We are closing in on the gap here. This week I'm going to try and post EVERY day to get us all caught up to present day. So, we went to Manitou Springs again. We like that place. We like it even more now that we know there's a pretty good brewery there with great food. 
Games first though people. 
Can we say double chin?
And then our week started and Gibby and I were buddies . 
We swang. We cupcaked. We went to the zoo.
I would like this coffee mug for Christmas.

Baby lions! I didn't know there were baby lions until this day. Can we say adorable? Because they are. When we got to their habitat the mom had just been sent in there and the male was upset about being away from her and he was roaring up a storm. It was SO intense.
How I feel most days. 
Why I otter...
I seriously love Ember. She and I are hair twins. She was especially fiesty this day. 

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