Friday, September 4, 2015


The last full weekday that Jeff had off before work we decided to explore the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. We'd been hearing a lot about it and decided to see what everyone had been talking about. It didn't fail to impress.
I mean seriously. It's a zoo in the mountains. IN THE MOUNTAINS.
They have one of the best giraffe encounters I've ever been to with a large number of giraffes that you can feed.  


Such sweet animals. I could have stayed there all day just feeding them and loving on them.
Mirror image. One is real, the other is not. 
It was a hot day, so most of the animals were immobile. But we did catch a couple great views of the King of the Jungle. Sidenote: Gibby and I went to the Zoo yesterday and Mr. Lion was in rare form. He was roaring and moving all over his habitat. It was amazing. I got goosebumps every time he would roar it just hit me in my core.
6700 feet

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