Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Once school started, Gibby and I worked on establishing a routine. We are still working on that. It usually consists of taking brother to school, running our errands, and then trying to do an activity or give him time to play before we have to pick Caderyn up again. Hopefully we will move forward with a preschool/part-time daycare here soon. Everything's in, we're just waiting on other people! Here's a collection of our adventures the last two weeks of August.
This combination, to me, just looks painful. Am I right? Chipotle AND Starbucks? That's just asking for an afternoon in the bathroom.
We are still shopping around for some household items. This table was one of our larger purchases those last few days of August. It fits very nicely in its spot. I'm still trying to figure out the rug situation. 

And now, a dramatic interpretation of Gibby eating a cupcake.

And then I came to that moment in my parental life where I was so desperate for a pedicure I loaded my spitfire child up and took him with me. First time ever for this. He actually did pretty good. I had some snacks and shows to keep him entertained. The ladies loved him, so that helped. We have since done this again with the same results.

And the best part of Gibby's day is probably when he gets to go pick brother up from school. We try to get there a little early so he can swing and run around on the playground. Once the bell rings Gibby makes a run for the door Caderyn's class comes out of and has to be the first one to give him a hug.

Like I said earlier, we try and find some activities to occupy Gibby's day. We don't always go out on adventures, some days, like yesterday, he just wants to play with his toys at home, but when we go out we try to make a day of it. On this particular day we went to the Fountain Creek Nature Center.

Calling some birds to talk about feathers and such.
Looking for turtles

Caderyn has expressed more and more interest in swimming lately. So we offered up the idea of doing a swim team if he was that committed. We found a local team and he attended tryouts. He's one of the younger ones on the team and showed off his diving skills with a very impressive bellyflop, but he's on the team and so far loves going to practice and learning new skills. 

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