Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Where do I begin with an update on this child?
This child. Thiiiiiiiis child!
Gabriel. Gibby. Gibbert.
Gabriel adores Batman. He adores all superheroes, but if we're being completely honest, Batman is his number one. He will spend hours in his Batman costume, walking forcefully around the house, his fake muscles pumped up beneath his own muscles believing that by wearing that costume they are that much stronger. He strides from room to room protecting the poor, the weary, the innocent. And, if you cross him, he unleashes the fury of his Batman voice upon your unlucky soul. I kid you not when I say Christian Bale would not know what to do with his own Batman voice if he heard Gibby's. He sometimes makes himself hoarse talking like Batman for hours on end. Last week at the park we let Gabriel wear his costume and he made a little boy cry because Gabriel, in full character, said "I'm Batman," and threw his cap out in true Batman form. It terrified this poor little boy and Gabriel had to take off his mask and talk in his sweet little Gibby voice just to calm this child down. Once the child was calm, Batman was back again, but he was off to attack the evil Bane (Daddy). It was a battle never to be forgotten.
Gabriel adores playing. He particularly enjoys playing with his brother's toys, much to the disdain of his brother.
Gibby also adores his brother. He loves him so. He has to be the first one to see him and hug him when we pick Caderyn up from school. And, in typical brotherly fashion, he pesters his brother to no end.
Gibby loves snacks. Especially crunchies. Crunchies range from Goldfish crackers or pretzels to Lucky Charms or Cheerios.Whatever makes a crunch. It just depends on what we have. He loves crunchies.
Breakfast is his favorite meal.
He has just recently started to eat whole fruit. We struggled with some gagging and sensory things for some time and just in the last month or so have had a breakthrough with fruit. He will now eat most fruits, as long as I feed them to him. We are still working on the vegetables, he still gets a jar of baby food veggies.
Gibby loves lounging. He could stay in his pajamas all day lounging on the couch, ordering his mom around.
He loves being read to.
He doesn't like to have his hands dirty.
He loves to snuggle. 
He has mastered the three-year-old tantrum throw down like a champ.
He doesn't like not having a hand to hold when he's walking.
He LOVES the zoo. We've been averaging one trip a week to the zoo by our house and each time is like the very first visit for Gabriel.
He is going to two-day preschool. His teacher says he's very quiet and observant around the kids. This is true. In situations where there are lots of kids, if his brother isn't around, Gabriel is very reserved. He participates but is timid. The true Gibby hasn't popped out just yet.
He still has the cutest little elf voice and dimples.
He is SUPER into Halloween this year.
He asks daily if it's Christmas yet.
He is continually losing his favorite toys downstairs in the playroom and then getting mad at us for not being able to find them.
His favorite book we are reading right now is "Creepy Carrots."
 He make the best sound effects. He is known to regularly transform into Iron Man and with a quick smack to his chest/power source the noises the Gibby makes really make you feel like Iron Man is right there, booting up his power and then blasting off to fight with the Avengers. He's talented.
He is 98% potty trained. Woop woop! He shuns me from the bathroom now while he poops, "Mommy, give me privacy," he grunts. But really what he wants to do is take his poop and then admire it. I rain on that parade frequently, so he thinks its best to ask for privacy.
He can count to five and knows all of his colors.
He says yellow, "Lellow" and Robin from Batman and Robin, "Wobin."
Yesterday he said this sentence, "Mommy, let's read my awesome superhero book." Now imagine that being said in the cutest little elf voice EVER.
He has dimples on his cheeks when he smiles.
He LOVES to dance and shake his booty. He's a fan of the hit songs.
He rarely cries, but still has moments where he shuts down and just goes into a glaze over.
He is starting up OT and PT again next week.
He loves wrestling with his Dad.
He loves snuggling with his Mom. In fact:
This was my victory last week. He slept on me for an hour and a half.
He's a pretty good errand runner.
He loves to drive the shopping cart at the grocery store that looks like a car. And he will make race car noises all through our shopping experience.
When you meet him the first time he will usually tell you who everyone in his family is.
He still sucks his fingers and adores his inky (blanket).
He loves pretending to look at a map and telling us where to go.
Gabriel Craig has never ceased to amaze us. He makes us laugh out loud every day. Where Caderyn is thoughtful and incredibly intelligent, Gabriel is lighthearted and goofy. A true clown with a big heart and smile.
We love him so.

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The McGregor Clan said...

Zeke is the same way about pooping!! He will say, "Go way mommy." Then holler when he's ready to be wiped. So happy about how much he has improved the last two years. Such a blessing in a boy!!