Saturday, October 31, 2015


And now, with this post, we should be all caught up for October and I'm going to take the rest of the weekend to celebrate Halloween and be with my family.
Since we moved, we've heard about this amazing donut place called Amy's Donuts. The boys were off school one Friday, so we loaded up (along with a friend of Caderyn's) and set out on a sugary adventure. It definitely did not disappoint. We LOVED it. It was so wonderful. Dozens of choices and the donuts were delicious. 
That same weekend we also set out to Manitou Springs for the Emma Crawford Coffin Races. 
Oh man. There's not enough time for me to explain just how much fun this was. 
I loved it. Will definitely be going back. There's a history behind the races about a lady who moved to Manitou in the 1800s to try and get better, but she died, and then years after she was buried her coffin ended up floating down the middle of the town during a flood. I saw a bunch of different stories about what happened, this one was my favorite. So people dress up and enter to race their own "coffin" and then they race them down the center of the street in front of about 11,000 people. 
It was a blast. 
Back to the Future
Wizard of Oz
They do a big parade that starts off with a death march for the dearly departed Emma, followed suite by the Hearse Team, and then they introduce all of the teams. 
And then the races begin! They race two teams at a time down the street and how you place is based on your sprint time.
This WWE wrestling team won 1st place. 
It was just the best!
Happy Halloween everyone! 
More posts to come in the next few days or so. 

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