Monday, October 26, 2015


Fall arrived here in splendid fashion. The exhausting, seemingly never-ending heat of late summer was pushed out the door as the cool bite of fall settled over our new hometown. I was bit with the baking bug and discovered that baking bread in a crockpot is my new favorite thing to do.

Gabriel literally couldn't one day. He just couldn't. 
I finally got to sit down after a very long day of volunteering and children wrangling. 
Jeff and I treated ourselves to pedicures when he got back from him two week absence. He couldn't stop giggling when the lady was removing the dead skin from his feet.
I detect Fall is in the air.
Oh...Lucy. Oh Lucy.
Still got that special "mom touch." He cuddled up and fell sound asleep for over an hour and a half. I felt like champion of the world. 

There is a great park by our house and one beautiful Fall Sunday we found ourselves at this particular park. Gabriel was in full character, wearing his Batman mask and cape. He frightened a poor little kid with his Batman voice and sent this little boy into hysterics. We made him take off the mask and talk to the kid in his normal voice so he could see Gibby was just playing. Although...I'm not sure Gibby thought it was playing because as soon as that cape and mask were back on he was fighting crime and devious villains.

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