Friday, October 16, 2015


Okay so these pictures are from a few weeks ago, but that is still considered fairly recent, isn't it? We like to stay busy, this family of mine. I mean, we like lounging too, but most days we go and go. That's the way it should be.
So here are some photos (from a few weeks ago) of our daily lives.

One of the first women to ever complete Ranger school made a guest appearance at Caderyn's school. She gave a great talk about heroes and perseverance. She's amazing. I got to meet her and I got all flustered thinking about how I complain about being hungry and tired and having to fit in a workout and she basically went to hell and back being hungry all the time, getting only three hours of sleep and night, and constantly being make to push her physical limits.
Did I mention that we were busy? These four days alone got completely packed and there was no resting on Sunday. None whatsoever.

Very glad to see Dad for a bit.
Face painting. I laughed at first, but then realized he looked an awful lot like his uncle.
Got mah nails did. Finally.
Her royal highness has been continually caught red-pawed in this position. 
She doesn't even act like its a big deal to have her butt on our pillows. She acts like this is how things are supposed to be. 
And now some videos from Caderyn's first swim meet. 
1. Gibby singing me a song. 
2. Freestyle--we need to work on that one.
3. Diving bellyflop. Working on that one too. 
4. Backstroke. 

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