Wednesday, October 14, 2015


 The process for getting Gibby signed up for preschool took FOREVER.Now to give credit where its due, the military was very thorough in its analysis of Gabriel and his needs. So when we got the green light on a start date and location for preschool, I think I breathed the biggest sigh of relief this city has ever seen. This kid needs preschool. He needs that kick start. He's content hanging with mom all day and sucking his fingers, so this change of routine for him was a welcome one for mom.
And just look how EXCITED he was!

 His teacher said he was pretty quiet on his first day, but that he had a great time. 
He did have a good time. He talked about making his Batman puppet and playing on the playground. He took some time to throw a few of his classmates under the bus, like a good little brother usually does. "He hit her. He didn't share." That sort of stuff. Gibby's very good on reporting that stuff. 
He also really, really, really liked his class snack. That was probably the highlight. 
And just like that his first day of preschool was over and he was back to hanging out with me. 
I like it that way.

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