Tuesday, October 13, 2015


 Sundays are for being lazy and getting prepped for the week. Every once in awhile, Sundays are productive. Like when Dad's out of town and Mom can't stand to have another second of two crazy kids asking for more food or telling her that they are bored. So, that near madness mom, decides to load those whining, bored kids up and take them to the zoo. Oh the zoo! In case you haven't noticed, we love the zoo. We've been averaging around one trip a week. Mornings are typically the best because the animals are out and pretty active. Except for the hippos. Those things are lazy. They poop in the water right where they're sleeping. Caderyn thought that was hilarious.

 I like this guy. This is Australia's Tree Kangaroo. This guy likes to sleep and and I hadn't seen him doing much of anything until today. He was pretty awesome. 

Here is Caderyn in his element. I have to pry the books away from him at night.
 And while we listened to Caderyn laugh his way through his book while reading out loud to us, I felt the exhaustion of the day wash over me. Mom truth: I didn't put any makeup on that day. I lathered on the sunscreen, but that's all.
 And then there's Lucito. Lucito Friskito, the great lazy dog. She's got the life I tell ya.         

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