Saturday, November 21, 2015


Well hello. Did you miss me? I sure did. We've been without a computer that lets me blog for about two weeks, so there's my excuse. But its back now! So I'm going to try and get you updated as quick and painless as possible.
Halloween! But Sarah, Thanksgiving is next week. I know, you guys, but you didn't get any updates on our Halloween. So. Here they are.
Jeff and I are starting to feel more comfortable leaving the boys with a sitter now that we've gotten to know them a little better. So we took advantage of their time and had a date night. First we had a beer and watched some college football and then we went to the Colorado College hockey game. They lost, but it was a fantastic date.
 I got mah nails all did up and such.
Caderyn's best bud and his mom threw a little Halloween get together the Sunday before Halloween. It was very simple and easy, yet so much fun. I love that stuff.
The Tuesday before Halloween I loaded up the kids and the dog and we started our trip to Arizona. Everything was going fine and we had plans to stop in Farmington, NM and stay the night with a friend. About two hours into the trip, Gabriel, in his sweet little elf voice, says, "Mommy I don't feel good." Out of nowhere he started to look pale and he started coughing that horrible sounding croup cough sound. It progressively got worse and worse. We reached Farmington around 9:00 p.m. that night and I did my best to manage the cough with what I had. We did hot showers, taking deep breaths of steam into our lungs and then we would go outside. But it got later and later and he started to look and sound worse and worse. Finally, around 5:00 a.m. I got up again to start a hot shower and I noticed he was turning blue around the mouth. That's never happened before, so I quickly loaded him up and off to the emergency room we went. They hooked him up to some oxygen and gave him some steroids and made us wait until his oxygen levels calmed down. We were exhausted so we went back to my friend's house and crashed for about three hours before loading up and continuing on our trip.  Still coughing, but feeling better than before. My poor buddy, and Caderyn was so patient during the whole ordeal.
We finally made it to Phoenix and went promptly to the doctor again, this time we got some antibiotics and went promptly to sleep. From there our fun with my family began, although slightly modified and toned down since Gabriel was still on the mend.
So happy to be with Mimi. She makes everything better. 
Because this was ABSOLUTELY necessary. 
Starting to feel a little more perky and snuggle with Papa. 
Watching Batman with THE Batman on the couch while he holds his Batman. Got that? 
We got a pretty good thunderstorm while we were in Arizona. It rolled in fast and furious.
 I got to do some dinner and shopping with my sweet friend, Nicole.
And then Halloween. We were busy all day. ALL DAY. But we had a small get together at my parents house and just strolled around the neighborhood. Gabriel went anti-Halloween on us about three hours before we went trick-or-treating, but Nicole has the magic touch and was able to convince him to go out. He made it to seven houses and then he was done, but at each one he would holler, "Trick-or-Treat I'm sick!" And when he was done he was out of his costume and lounging in his undies faster that his Daddy. So then we took Caderyn out for some hardcore trick-or-treating. He got a haul!
 I bought my costume to match Gibby's Batman, but then Halloween came and I was a Robin without her Batman.
 Lots of snuggles and a trip to our favorite train park followed the next few days.
 Lucy enjoyed her time back at my parents house. She loved the yard and pooped about 150 times.
And then, just like that our trip was over and we were on our way back home.

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