Monday, November 23, 2015


Playing more catch up (from Montana. Look at how tech saavy I am). We are enjoying our time reunited with family, but I'm still madly trying to get caught up now that we have our computer back.
A sweet faced imposter in my bed.
 Winter is coming...
Swim team pictures.
The ultimate Bronco fan.
Only my child would check out a science textbook from the library and casually read it for fun.
Caderyn had his first ever swim meet the first weekend of November. He did great and had a lot of fun. But let me tell you something, it was INTENSE. I felt like half these kids were trying out for the Olympics.

And after that weekend full of swimming, I needed a DRINK.
 And felt EXACTLY like this.
I like to take pictures of my planner to show how busy we are. Being a mom is no joke, yo.
Caderyn's school put on a wonderful Veteran's Day tribute. There was a fantastic brunch and then the kids got to go through and tour Humvees and a medical truck. Gibby loved it.
This is Gibby controlling the gun.
 My guys made the Wall of Heroes. 
Lucille Francine in all her glory.  
It was a long two weeks, but we finally got this guy home with his wings from Air Assault School. Proud of him!

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