Wednesday, December 23, 2015


A post? A post! I've managed to do a post! Go me.
Here's errrrrrrething (I spelled it that way on purpose) that's been happening all up in herrrrrrrre.
 A Christmas Candy Cane courtesy of Gibby. He does all these fun little crafts at preschool.
Two weekends ago Caderyn had his second swim meet. He did much better, we definitely saw some improvements.
Trying to kill some time before the next relay.
During them swim meet the snow moved in and once Caderyn was done swimming for the day we decided to hunker down at home. And then I got super sick and was down for the count.
 I couldn't really get out of bed on Sunday, so Jeff was in charge. He took the kids out to play in the snow and set them up with movies and treats after so I could rest.
 There was school on Monday and then they cancelled school on Tuesday (not sure why other than it was cold and icy), so even though I still wasn't 100 percent I did the best I could to keep the kids entertained.
We did lots of crafts and I made homemade play dough and then I took them to the park to run around in the snow.
 Verna the Snowwoman looked very chilly.

 Shameless snow selfies
 Corgi Train! She loves the snow.
More to come tomorrow.


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Those are cool- literally- pictures.