Wednesday, December 2, 2015


 I could start off this post explaining how busy we've been and that's why I haven't posted. It's true, we've been busy, but the truth is that our darn computer stopped working and I just kept forgetting to look at it. But I did it! We are good! And now on to the post. November flew by so quickly. Jeff was gone for the first half of it, so I think that may be why it went by with a WHOOSH.
This gal got herself a new pair of glasses for the first time in eight years. It feels awesome and a little bit nerdy at the same time. 
This here is what I like to call "Pout Face." This is what happens when Gibby discovers he's going to daycare for all of two hours while I volunteer in Caderyn's classroom. Once he figures it out the whining begins and then once we get there he forgets all about it and has a blast. 
Gibby and I made him a Super Turkey. His design and color choices. Mom only helped a little.
Sweet little stinker. 

Jeff got home from his two week absence and wanted to take the boys to the zoo. So that's what we did. It was one of the best days because we saw every single animal. Including the tiger and the Mexican Wolf. They were all very active too and the kids were fascinated.
Chillin' like a villain. 

This kid is obsessed with maps.
 The zoo recently adopted two new elephants from a Kansas Zoo that shut down. So they are working very hard to make them feel welcome and gently introduce them to the other elephants.
 And then the budgies. I do not like the budgies. I don't like birds and I don't like being in a confined space with over 50 birds flying around and pooping. My kids love the budgies. Nine out of ten times I will not go in there, but every once in awhile I will. Not often though.
And then Mr. Popular, Caderyn, had a birthday party at a rock gym. It was pretty awesome and I think we will be taking the boys there to climb and play over Christmas break.
 This guy was super swol and I felt like going up to him and shouting "ALL DAY! ALL DAY!" He was really in the zone.
 And I shall close with Miss Lucille Francine. Oh Lucille. You loved Fall. You loved being outside, laying in the sunshine, but most of all, you loved playing in the leaves.
Loved it.
Uh honey, there's a leaf on your head. 
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there she is folks. In all her glory. Typical morning for this one.

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