Thursday, December 3, 2015


 Ah ha! Look at this! My second post in two days. I'm on a roll. 
Continuing with our November flyby. 
The week before Thanksgiving a chill rolled into town that brought with it blizzard-like conditions I don't think I've seen for about ten years. The wind was absolutely crazy and it made the snow also crazy. Our area of town didn't really get that much snow, other areas did. It was just that insane wind! And it froze everything. But, being from Montana, we weren't all that intimidated and just went about our normal lives until the call went out the next day that school was cancelled. Cancelled? Jeff and I both looked at each other like "Wha?" They never cancel school in Montana, so this was new for us. But we went with it. Jeff got to go into work later and I hung out at home with the boys all day. It was actually pretty nice.
 We are loving having a fireplace. We had a fire going for about three days straight and it was glorious.
Lucy felt that a snow day equaled a dog day. 
Caderyn earned his Bobcat badge for Cub Scouts and also his Backyard Jungle belt loop. He was pretty proud of himself and studied really hard.
Mmmmmmm good morning. Aren't you lucky to see this.
Felt somewhat stylish one day. So I took a picture. Then, an hour later, melted frozen yogurt was thrown all over me. Back to the sweatpants. 
Goofing off the morning we left for Montana. I'm still feeling out my new glasses.
Hitting the road for Montana over Thanksgiving. We were loaded up and ready to G-O!
Our trusty chauffeur.
After probably two hours of whining and continually asking "Are we there yet?" this FINALLY, FINALLY happened.
We spent the first half of our Montana time up at a family cabin. 
The views were terrible.
The men did manly things. Like cut wood and toss it to each other while stacking it.
We took a trip to the hot springs while we were there. It was glorious, like the warmest. most full bath you've ever been in. Aaaaaaaaah.
And then we tasted some of Montana's deliciously crafted beer.
The time at the cabin was very nice, but soon it was time to head into Great Falls for Thanksgiving. We tried to get an early start to beat an incoming snow storm...but no dice. 
We did end up in a Montana traffic jam.
Aaaaaand then the snow hit and it was terrifying. Wind, blowing snow, and white outs. We ended up having to stop in a canyon because a college girl flew off the road and into the creek. She was going too fast on a curve. She was very lucky to be unharmed. We saw lots of other wrecks that drive. It was a bit stressful.
But we did make it to town safe and sound. 
Jeff and I got to sneak away to meet some of his friends and play a little pub trivia.
And that's all I've got for you right now! More to come tomorrow.

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