Saturday, December 5, 2015


 Almost caught up...almost. Our time in Great Falls with family flew by. I got to meet my newest little cousin Eli and smooch on his chunklicious cheeks.
 I made it to one of my favorite cupcake /coffee shops in town and devoured a non-meat turkey while chatting my best bud.
It snowed and a snowman was built who looked suspiciously a lot like Danny DeVito. 
I took absolutely ZERO pictures on Thanksgiving Day. 
Jeff and I made breakfast for everyone and then there was lots of football watching, lounging, and child refereeing. I did Black Friday shopping again this year, definitely more tame than years past but it was fun to be out with my mom and aunt. We had a great time. 
 And then Saturday arrived and we decided we should probably start the drive back home. 
But first, we would try and take a family picture. Here is how everything unfolded.
And there you have it.
 We did our drive home in two days, home on Sunday. 
Monday arrived and I started attacking our house with a flurry of Christmas cheer.
We purchased a new tree this year. I'm pretty happy with it. I am a fan of the colored lights. Eventually I would like to get a tree that has both white and colored lights as an option, but I'm very content with the size of this tree , its light content, and how it looks in our space.
The boys (Caderyn) were anxious to write their letters to Santa this year. Last year I had to force him to sit down and write something. Not this year. This year we cranked those letters out in 20 minutes. They turned out pretty good. 

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