Wednesday, January 13, 2016


We had company this past week, so I had to take a brief hiatus. I would like to take this time to post to our friends and family that our guest room is currently up and running and we would LOVE to have visitors! LOVE.
December continued to move along quite quickly for us. Here is another glimpse at some happenings during the past month.
Caderyn had a dental appointment and it was discovered that he has some pretty serious orthodontic needs.  He has too many adult teeth in his mouth, but not enough room for all of them. Lots of his baby teeth have been shoved in all kinds of different directions. Sooooooo, we met up with an orthodontist for confirmation and to start a plan on what needs to be done. He did great while she checked everything out in his mouth, and the orthodontist was great. I mean, she's going to be taking quite a bit of our money over the next 2-3 years, but other than that she's great. So Caderyn is going to get headgear here in the next month or so and then he's going to need to have some baby teeth removed. It will all be worth it when its over and he's got a $10,000 smile.
Every Christmas my parents make a special Christmas video for the boys and send it to them. The one this year was probably Gibby's favorite of all time. He would sit at the table each morning and have to watch it about five times. He would narrate what he liked about the video, "Oooh the decorations!" and keep us up to date on what was happening next in the video, "Now it's snowing."
We took the kids to our town's version of Zoo Lights, except it was called Electric Safari.
Highlight of the night: The two-toed sloth woke up and decided to get a' movin'.
It. Was. Awesome. I love the sloth probably just as much as I love the hippos. So, here is a collection of sloth photos offered up as proof of my excitement.

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