Tuesday, January 26, 2016


We spent the morning after Christmas opening up the rest of the presents from my parents. The boys got new chairs for their playroom downstairs. Caderyn got a gaming chair and Gibby got the cutest little recliner that he sits in, all cuddled up with a blanet.
Look at that kid! Like a boss!
My brother got me the coolest adult coloring book. I love those things. Except, at the moment, I'm in need of  new colored pencils. But that didn't stop me from having a few good coloring sessions. 
While my parents were here the husband and I took advantage of some free babysitting and had a few date nights. People, I've got some great places to take guests when they come visit. That is a heavy hint that I want people to come and visit me.
Part of my parents' Christmas gift was family photos. Being in a new location and far from our usual photographer, I had anxiety about getting the right person who understood our photo visions. But, after a recommendation from a friend we found a FABULOUS photographer and are so happy with our photos.
It was as bit chilly, but we powered through and I think they turned out great!
After our pictures, we drove through the Garden of the Gods and stopped at Balanced Rock. 

It was a beautiful morning. 

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