Wednesday, January 27, 2016


After Christmas, we started to drop like flies. We made it to the zoo one day, but that was pretty much it. Caderyn got sick, then Gibby got sick, and then I got sick. It was pretty miserable, and I felt bad because we couldn't do anything or go anywhere.
Look! Batman is Jean Claude Van Damme-ing!
Like I said, we made it to the zoo. I got to feed a hippo and then we saw the two-toed sloth AGAIN. It scratched its booty a lot and the boys thought it was hilarious.  
 And after the zoo, our home looked like this. We were full of coughs, fevers, and pukes.
Pretty sad looking, huh?
So since this post is really only about germs and how we all got sick, I'm going to share my favorite Santa photo with you. This one is going to be framed, oh you'd better believe it.

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