Tuesday, January 5, 2016


 Happy 2016 family and friends! In true W family fashion, we've been sick most of the break. We all (except the husband) caught some flu-like coughing virus that just made our break a bit of a downer in the adventure department. We were stuck at home more than I would like, but we powered through.
The Sunday before Christmas we loaded the boys up and took the on the Santa Train--not to be confused with The Polar Express. This adventure requires you to dress really warm because your train ride takes you up the side of Pike's Peak and the temperature drops about 30 degrees. It was a great experience, it would have been way better if Caderyn and I were feeling better, but our tummies were just a bit off. That made for an interesting story because this train didn't have a bathroom. Poor Caderyn had to do a lot of deep breathing to get through parts of the ride, but we made it!
We arrived at the train depot and got all checked in. There was a little bit of time to kill before the train arrived, so we snapped some cute pictures of the kids who were very excited.
The train had five great staff people who I think went above and beyond to make the experience enjoyable. They traveled to each family and had conversations with each of them. 
We got loaded up on the train and were ready for the journey to begin. 
 We attempted a family picture...attempted...
More cute pictures of the boys and more family picture attempts where you see us telling Gabriel to knock it off and smile and hold still for the camera.
 Oh! Look at that face! We just took all the fun away, didn't we?
The train climbed up the side of the mountain through wilderness and giant boulders. It was a beautiful ride. I think we had the good side because we had the creek on our side.
Frozen waterfall!
The ride up took about 30 minutes. I think it only took us halfway up Pike's Peak. We arrived at a little clearing that was set up as Santa's home. There were bathrooms (Caderyn rejoiced!), and a bunch of little stations where the staff gave you cookies and hot chocolate, played games, put on Christmas tattoos, or took pictures to help pass the time while you waited in line to see Santa.
Be careful, these next few pictures are rated A for Adorable.
And for whatever reason, these are the only pictures my computer will let me load at the moment. I have more I will try and get up tomorrow. 
But we've officially started the Christmas catch up!

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