Monday, February 29, 2016


The end of January came with a sprinkling of snow, playing with friends and a much needed haircut for moi. Random fact: I've usually been going about 6-7 months between haircuts.
The moment I decided I needed to do something about my hair.
The boys have become good friends with another set of brothers who are the same ages as them. They had a Star Wars playdate and the battles and noises were epic.
The older boys wanted their picture taken doing Star Wars poses and Gibby wanted in on it. After being told he couldn't be a part of that particular photo he pouted for a minute until he realized he was actually still in the photo. The following photo sequence in ah-may-zing.
And I loved it so much I made a sequence collage.

The last Friday in January arrived. I got my hairs did and then the husband and I had a much needed date. We went out to dinner at Sonterra (which was delicious) and then met some extended family at a hockey game. 
I got about four inches chopped off and then my hair gal set about the trying task of straightening my messy mop. She did a pretty dang good job.
Ready for date night!
Mango margarita of my drrrrrrreams. So yummy.
The next day the wind rolled through with a vengeance and we started to hear talk of a massive storm rolling through. Caderyn and the husband went to a hockey game with the Boy Scout troop so Gibby and I goofed around at Target, got some frozen yogurt and then found out we couldn't go home because the wind had knocked over a powerline right by our house.
After picking the guys up at the game and finding an alternative route home, Jeff and I settled in with some champagne and a movie. It was the calm before the storm.
We woke up Sunday to snow. I took Caderyn to Sunday school and then quickly went and grocery shopped to make sure we wouldn't need to leave the house. The snow continued to fall and fall and got worse as the day progressed. By Sunday night they had cancelled school for the kids and work for the husband, so we settled in. Monday brought a day of massive snowfall but also a really fun day of sledding with friends. There is a hill on the golf course just behind us that we walked to and then Sled-fest 2016 began.
Have I mentioned before that Lucy loves the snow? She does. She loves snow so much she can't stand to be inside. She goes out and races around and frolicks to her hearts content.
That there is a big pond and the Country Club. It was snowing so hard and so much it was sometimes difficult to take pictures. I love the calm quiet that comes in with snowfall.
Some of the sledding troops.
If you look closely you can see a perfectly formed snowflake resting on Katie's eyelash. Isn't that cool!

After sledding everyone came back over to our house to warm up in front of the fire. We made lunch and some cupcakes and then played some games before everyone had to head home. It was really nice, just a perfect day. One of my favorite memories yet.
The snow continues to fall and fall with a fury. We started documenting it and used our jogging stroller as a starting point.
The top picture was taken at about 11:00 a.m. right before we went sledding. The middle was taken around 5:00 p.m. and the bottom picture was taken at 10:00 p.m. And the snow was still falling!

Another snow day was in our horizon.

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