Thursday, February 4, 2016


 And we are officially into January 2016! Once we were on the track to getting healthy, things started to return to normal. School and work started back up, I got the organizing bug and got my laundry room pieced together.
Here are some tidbits from our lives during January. 
Such a sweet moment. captured between these two. It gave me hope that they would grow up to be lifelong friends.   
Brrrr. A pretty good storm and chill set in that first week of January.
My in-laws came to visit for a few days and got to watch Caderyn compete in one of his swim meets. Big guy did such a good job. He swam breast stroke competitively for the first time and did awesome! He swam in four heats and just rocked it.

Fluorescent lighting in a pool is frightening.

Absolutely crushing my coloring in my new coloring books. This one even has me doing some freestyle. I'm pretty spot on.

Getting in my daily workout. Before and after, which is which?
Donie Friday!

Gibby helps me grocery shop and gets lost in the pile.
And that's how our 2016 started.

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