Friday, February 5, 2016


But first: A baby Gibby flashback.
Awwwww look at that little squish.
A couple weekends ago, Jeff was immersed in football and needed some dude time, so I loaded up my little whiny adventurers and took them to the Cave of the Winds. When you say that, you kind of expect it to echo on and on and then be followed by a whooshing sound?!
So yes, the Cave of the
 The boys and I ended up on a guided tour with a bachelor party. It was funny and a bit nerdy. We loved it. So this cave was discovered  by kids in 1881 and its pretty cool. There are some vents that allow for the whooshing sounds, and that's how it got its name. You can do one of three tours, two of which are not kid friendly, so we ended up on the one that was.
This is called the "Opera room." It's the largest space in the cave.
The photo is a bit grainy, but this was the walkway in the opera room that took us down...down...down into the cave. That dark spot on the wall that looks like blooooood, it isn't blood. It's water that dripped into a pool. I liked it.
Okay, okay, are you ready for some awesome cave photos? Here are some stalactites, called that because they stay "tight" to the ceiling. What? Whoooooa! Cool terminology usage.
A ceiling portal to....DUN DUN DUN...NOWHERE.
Caderyn's shadow outline as he walked through the tunnels.
That weird thing in the center(ish) area of the screen is what they call "Ceiling bacon" because it looks like bacon. It's actually called Flowstone.
And the stuff below is called Cave Coral and it's super sparkly! Also-correct term: Coralloid.
See! You didn't know today's post would be so educational! Our tour guide, Sage, who was a boy with really long hair and a passionate attachment to South Park (which he referenced frequently), was actually doing his thesis research on Coralloids, so he had lots to say on this topic. 
And those things in the corner that look somewhat inappropriate (I know, I know, I have the giggly mind of a middle schooler) are called Stalagmites, because you "might" trip over them if you're not careful. 
You also "might" giggle a lot at their formations sometime. This photo is blurry for that reason. Caderyn thought they looked like unicorn horns and I agreed.
What is this? What does it meeeeeeean?
And there you have it.
The Cave of the

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