Thursday, February 11, 2016


But first, a picture of three-year-old Caderyn dancing in the car. Awwww.
 Over the three day weekend in January, we planned and went on a ski trip. This was the first time for both kids to try out their ski legs and it had been over a decade since the Hubs and I had skied.
We chose to go to Monarch because in all my research, their hill was voted the most family-friendly and their lessons for kids didn't break the bank. The drive there was pretty and on a winding two lane highway that drove through valleys and canyons.
Here are some mountain photos taken from the front seat of our car.
 It was snowing pretty good when we arrived at the hotel (exciting!). We got all settled and then headed into Salida to grab a bite to eat and watch the Broncos game. We found a delicious restaurant called The Boathouse, and stuffed our faces while watching the Broncos tally another win.
Caderyn read and read and read then entire time we were at dinner until his book was done. This kid, I tell ya, he is a reading machine.  
Mmmmmmm yes.
After dinner and the game, we went back to the lodge and swam for about an hour before meeting some friends in the hotel lounge for a snack. Then it was off to bed, but oh, wait! Our room was a bazillion degrees, the kids were hopped up on vacation sugar, and our room happened to be right across from the game room where beeping and PacMan echoed through our room every two minutes.
But finally, we controlled the heat problem, got the kids to calm down, and borrowed a fan from the hotel to help whisk us away into dreamland.
We were up with the sun and grabbed breakfast at the lodge before loading up to get the kids to their lessons.  Once the boys were set up, the Hubs and I got our gear on and did a few test runs and warmed up on the bunny slope before hitting the big hill.
The weather was perfect, just a beautiful day for skiing. The runs were great and it wasn't very crowded. We got in a couple of runs before the kids were done and ready to be picked up from their lessons. We ate some lunch and then took Caderyn down the bunny slope a few times before heading back home. He was upset because they'd practiced their skiing on a different hill, so this bunny hill was actually steeper that what he'd practiced. He fell a few times and was getting to that frustration point of no return, but we told him he had to keep trying and that we would be right there with him. On the last attempt, he held my hand the whole way down and worked on his pizza. Toward the bottom he bravely let go and coasted on his own. We were pretty proud. 
A good way for our family to get into and get back into skiing. Now I kind of have the bug and want to go again!


jon alex said...

very very happy family I think! love your blog so much.

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