Tuesday, March 22, 2016


February began to come to a close for our family, and we still kept busy. The boys went to the zoo with their two very best of friends, also brothers, and had a blast racing from animal to animal and having shouting matches to be heard over each other. 
The four stooges.
Caderyn's class put on a little play to go with their reading unit. The kids made masks and were supposed to dress in character. Caderyn was the sleepy bear. He chose pajamas that were two sizes too small, gray shorts over the pjs, a nightcap (elf hat), and his very own Pooh Bear that he sleeps with at night. He did a really great job and the play was adorable.

We celebrated the next morning with Amy's Donuts. The Husband had eaten some of the donuts before, but hadn't actually been to the location in town. So we obviously needed to correct that. 
I'm telling you. These things are a little bit of heaven, but also a whole lot of sugar. 
And then spring started to peek its lovely head into our lives. Lucille is probably the most happy dog on the whole entire planet to see that sunshine. 

We had another parent-teacher conference. Some behavioral stuff to work on with Caderyn, but academically he is doing great. He tests very high in all areas and has great attention to detail--if he's interested in the subject. The numbers in parentheses are what first graders are expected to know at that point in the school year. Caderyn's numbers are written next the expected numbers. We were pretty proud.  

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