Monday, March 14, 2016


Valentine's week rolled in and we were busy! Gibby's preschool had a sweet little party. I still don't think Gibby knew what everything was all about, but he had fun putting together his Batman valentines.
After all the fun that day, Gibby crashed hard. Of my kids, Gibby is the sleeper who spreads out in funny poses. Caderyn sleeps more like me.  
The day after Gibby's party was Caderyn's class party. We threw off the traditional sit down and make a craft party and had a Valentine's Day Dance Party. It was crazy chaos, but I think all the kids loved it. 
Here is Caderyn's treat bag from the party, I love it. 
That weekend, Caderyn had another swim meet. He did GREAT! He set his own personal best in freestyle and swam like a champ. He was pretty proud of himself and got to put a sticker on the record board his team has. 
This is the real truth about swim meets. Its a lot of waiting around and trying to kill time.
After the swim meet we loaded up the boys and headed into Denver to do some car shopping. Earlier in January our beautiful blue Subaru was totaled. It was really very heartbreaking, we loved that car. Both of our kids came home from the hospital in that car. I got my first ever flat tire in that car. See! The memories! So we were a one car family for about a month and as we moved through February, it became more and more difficult to share and schedule around the car. So we did some research and decided to drive into a little dealership just outside of Denver. We called ahead to make sure they were there and then we loaded up and headed north. The problem was, once we got there, no one was there. They had decided to close up shop for the random...and there were other people waiting to look at cars. We thought it was weird and a bit of a let down, so we regrouped. We let the kids play at a park for a little bit before discovering this AH-mazing burger joint called Steak n Shake for lunch.
After dinner we braved the traffic and took the boys to the aquarium.

Valentine's Day arrived on Sunday. Caderyn swam again until the early afternoon and then we had a babysitter come over so the Hubs and I could have a little date night. We went out to dinner (without reservations!) at a delicious Mexican restaurant and then went to see Deadpool. Am I wrong for loving it? Oh man I loved it. It was just what I wanted to see.

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