Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The month of March signifies the start of birthday season for our family. It was a busy, but fun start to our celebrations. The husband was very busy with work and not home a ton, but we made some great memories and, being true to our family's style, had lots of adventures.
To start, Gabriel got a haircut.
Victory sucker!!!!!
I finally FINALLY finished a book. I read Jim Gaffigan's Food: A Love Story. It was pretty funny. At times I shared his opinions on certain foods, but most of the time I just felt pretty good about my food choices. The chapter on milk made me laugh. I have cut WAY back on my dairy intake and seen some great improvements in my health and digestive stuff. Wha? Why am I sharing that here? Milk is spicy.  
This is our guest room bed. Lucy has claimed this and the entire room as her own. If I keep her out of it by shutting the door she lays outside and whines and whines like a sassy teen who didn't get to go out with her friends and had to go to a family barbeque instead.   
Afternoon snuggles.
Happy Daddy is home. 
Husband has been a Lego creating machine. The boys absolutely love it and I think it's probably a really good way for Jeff to de-stress. 
More afternoon snuggles.
Lucille Francine!
Not really sure what was going on here.  
I was watching the Oscars and snuggling my dog. This brilliant story popped into my mind and needed to be shared. With my mom. 
Working out hard and trying to keep it fit. I was bored and took a picture of myself. Now, I don't take pictures of myself when I'm working out. That's weird. But stretching before a workout and taking pictures of stretching, that is perfectly acceptable.
This is Dexter.
Dexatrose von Richtenstein, if you please.
My Dad's cousin lives in the same town as us and they were travelling out of state and needed someone to watch this little cherub. We were the obvious choice and Dexter came into our lives with his cute little face, his snuggly little body, and his penchant for being a bit of a stinker.
Lucy had disdain rolling off her giant ears for about four days.
We were able to snag a babysitter on my birthday and went out to celebrate with some friends. Jeff took me out for a quick drink before we met up with our friends. The bar we went to gave me a birthday shot. I really don't drink hard alcohol anymore, my body just can't recover like it used to.
My body did okay with the shot, my face'll see.
I'm NOT crying. It was just strong.
Oh! Look at that precious little face. So cute...such a turkey.
And then we marched into Caderyn's birthday week. He got to do a birthday presentation the Friday before his birthday. He made a poster to show his class and got to talk about himself before sharing treats. He did such a great job.
The day after his classroom presentation was Caderyn's birthday. The morning started early with pancakes and presents. We had a party that afternoon, but the Husband was going to be working so we did as much as we could that morning before he had to leave.
Dexter was in rare form.
Cake batter pancakes.
And then...PRESENTS.
Gibby got a little prize as well.
After the presents came the PARTY. We had a Star Wars themed party at the Space Foundation Discovery Center. It was just great. Lots of his friends came and the facility did a fantastic job. We were really happy and Caderyn loved every second of it. 
I love the ceiling in the room.
The kids got to watch a Science on a Sphere presentation about the planets before coming back into the room and building rockets. Then they got to blast them across the room. 
I can't believe he's SEVEN! That's another post for another day though. I still haven't wrapped my head around his age yet. 

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