Tuesday, April 12, 2016


We moved through March with a vengeance. Man, that month just flew by! We were all so busy and had something going on nearly every day.
I was part of Caderyn's school's district auction team. We worked hard to put out a good representation for our school and the night was really successful. I enjoyed hanging out with some fantastic ladies, and we all walked away with some goodies and helped raise money for our schools.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you The Pout Pout face. Mr. Gibby has mastered the pout pout face.
Caderyn started organized soccer. He's on a U-8 team. He's got some catching up to do, but his coach is great and Caderyn is really enjoying playing.
As some of you know, we've had to move forward and start correcting some of Caderyn's teeth issues. Before his spring break he had to have three teeth removed. He fought the relaxation medicine like a champ (and like his mom, I might add), but did a great job. He came out all loopy and was really hilarious. I took some video of him, which he loves watching and giggling at, and he just couldn't believe that the procedure was already over.  
Caderyn recovered quickly and we moved into the boys' spring break.
Gibby started his off with a friends birthday party. Best party ever! It was firefighter themed and the mom did so many cute little games that the kids just loved. The rescued cats from a tree, played pin the hat on the fire dog, and climber up a ladder to put water beads on a fire.  

We've been having the boys working on an incentive. We were looking for less whining and arguing from both of them and worked on filling a cup with jellybeans. Husband took the boys for one night while my good friend and I met in Denver and this was a response from him after reminding him to use the jellybeans. 
Like I said, I went to Denver with a friend. So one of my oldest and best friends, Bryanna, came to visit. She flew in to Denver late, we had it planned to stay in a hotel and then spend the day in Denver for a bit of sightseeing, shopping, and good eating.
Yeah. None of that happened.
A huge blizzard rolled in. And I mean a blizzard. You couldn't see anything, the snow was falling crazy fast, and the wind was howling. So naturally, everything here came to a standstill. We tried to get out of the hotel as quickly as possible and were only able to make it 12 miles in 45 minutes. Cars were stranded everywhere and the roads were horrible. So we stopped at a mall thinking we would just shop until the snow let up, only to find that they were closing the mall because the weather was so bad. So then we called a movie theater and they assured us we were open. We made it there after nearly an hour in the car just trying to go one mile. People in not great snow cars were idiots. I have a really good car for driving in the snow and I know how to maneuver my car so it doesn't get stuck. People were being assholes (excuse the language but they were). They would blast around me in their little 4- door sedan with front wheel drive and find themselves stuck. In front of me. Therefore stopping the progression of traffic.
See the photo below for pictures of nincompoops.
Every single one of those cars was stuck. And so was I, because I couldn't go around any of the idiots.
So we made it to the movie theater and camped out there for a few hours (best idea ever!).
Came out of the movies and found that practically ever single road home was completely closed.
Insane, right? So we scrambled to find a hotel room and then scrambled to make sure we had people lined up to help the husband if he had to go to work the next day.  
So we stayed another night and then got up early and drove very s l o w l y back home. It was an absolute zoo, but we made it home safe and sound and tried make the best of a trip that was interrupted by a demonic snowstorm.
We prepped for Easter and dyed some Easter eggs.
Oh! And then it snowed AGAIN.
We made it out to Manitou Springs--my favorite.
This guy was a little trooper.
The night before Easter we had a little girls night out and tried a new restaurant called The Rabbit Hole. It was underground and Alice in Wonderland themed. LOVED IT.

Look at those gals! We weren't having a good time a all. :)

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