Wednesday, April 27, 2016


My parents came to visit a few days after Easter. It was such a great visit. They got to visit Caderyn and Gibby's schools. We spent some time downtown and ate delicious food. Jeff and I got to have some nice dates together. We saw a movie, went to Manitou Springs, and had breakfast together (that one is the most rare of all!). Such a good time.

My dad fell asleep in the car. Hah! One minute he was awake one minute and sawing logs the next.
Happiest Mimi in all the land. Notice how difficult it was to tear Gibby's eyes away from Scooby Doo.
Happiest Lucita in all the land. Oh man. Lucy just loves my dad.
And then we tried to get another shot with both boys looking. 
We had a few chilly days, so we just snuggled at home in front of the fire. 
Caderyn had his first soccer game. 
I feel like most people know this, but my family is Scottish. My Dad plays the bagpipes in a bagpipe band and loves giving presentations to classes. He and I taught a History of Scotland class for a Gifted and Talented camp a few years ago, so he's able to get the good important and juicy facts out with a fun punch. He gave a presentation to Caderyn's first and second grade classes and it was really great!
As an end to his presentation he always teaches them a little Scottish saying:  Dinna gut yer fish a'fore ya get them

He has the kids get really into it with a brogue yell from the chest, because, as we all know, the Scottish are passionate people who don't speak like mice. They speak from the heart, from the chest. So I caught some pictures of him teaching the kids to holler their saying. 

Mimosas at a breakfast date.

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Elle said...

Always nice to be able to spend quality time as a couple.