Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Aw man. I just FINALLY got rid of the month of March on here and it's already May. I'm going to try and post more once both boys are out of school. So April, yes, April. On the good ole blog we have finally arrived at the month of April. April was a busy month for us...
Not only did Caderyn start soccer but Gibby started soccer. He loves it, or he loves the idea of it. He's all business at practice and is the first to put his hands on his hips and say, "You guys, we're s'pposed to be playing soccer!" to the other little boys who are throwing grass or tackling each other. Here are some cute videos from his practices.
And in Caderyn news, he got braces. I still can't believe my first grader has braces. At times, I still feel like its too early, but the way his mouth was explained to us by both a dentist and orthodontist, made us realize we couldn't afford NOT to do it. So he has braces.
And a lot more spit in his mouth.
Random me picture.
Attempting to eat with braces.
We had some really beautiful days in April where we were tricked into thinking spring and summer would be coming. Tricked. Because then it would snow again.
Caderyn's class was doing a reading unit on manners and his teacher wanted to continue that into a classroom experience for the class. So we organized a full on tea party for the kiddos. Oh man. One of the room grandma's took that tea party and went crazy. She bought all the dishes, fancy desserts, flower arrangements and so much more. It was quite the soiree. Everyone had to dress up. Oh and then the kids had been learning how to waltz, so then they waltzed and it was adorable.
I'm terrible at doing cute things with my hair. Just terrible. So for the tea party I broke out a youtube tutorial and did my best "Great Gatsby Inspired Tea Party Hair," that was the actual title of the video. It took me over and hour because my hair just wouldn't stay. There was a lot of cursing involved and probably some tears and a whole lotta sweat. But I got it done...and it looked...kind of decent. And then I had to commemorate this glorious occasion with some pictures, and of course there is a picture of me not taking myself too seriously because, let's be honest, the world is serious enough.
And now photos of the tea party spread.
And then they danced.


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Elle said...

Lovely family photo to treasure when they are all grown up.