Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Hang in there people. I'm almost into our June happenings. But first...a flashback to last year...
Listen to him tell my mom the BUSINESS of car driving.
And then...
These two love to move it and shake it.
Okay! On to updates.
So my last post was on the Spartan Race. My body slowly recovered and bruises began to show up. I bruise very easily. I'm anemic, so that doesn't help. In the end I look like I've been a member of a fight club...that I'm not supposed to talk about.
The night after the race.
The end of the school year was upon us. Caderyn was tasked with writing little notes to the ladies at the front desk and his teacher. They turned out just perfect, especially for those "laddies" at the front desk. We had a good laugh about how he's Scottish and doesn't even know it.  
 The day after the Spartan Race, bruises were still showing up and evolving.
 And this one. Oh this one was one for the memory books. This is the bruise that just kept growing. If you look at it long enough you can see impressions from the wood wall on my leg.
 Gibby had his last soccer game.
 And then the last day of school arrived. The boys were so excited because on top of it being the last day of school, we were heading to Phoenix for a visit with my parents that same evening. On an airplane! Caderyn insisted on making the last day of school sign, and then had a good laugh because, "I was so excited about the last day of school that I forgot how to spell school!"
 Caderyn had a friend come over after school since they wouldn't see each other for a few weeks.  
 While they played I finished up around the house and with packing.
We headed to the airport and got there with enough time to feed the kids and then check in to the most elegant USO I've ever been to. That place was a life saver and I was so thankful we had that space for the kids. It helped keep me sane.
And Gibby too.
And before we knew it, we were on our way to Phoenix.

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Eden said...

You did the Spartan race? Cool.