Monday, June 6, 2016


I'm back and it's officially summer vacation! We took a two-and-a-half week hiatus to visit my parents in Arizona. It was a much needed break and so nice to relax. I've been telling people, I ate, drank, and probably slept more than I have in over a year. It was glorious.

Now, to catch people up, let me take you back (cue the dramatic music and starry night sky). Let me take you back to a time not long ago. When we were nearly a month younger than we are now......
The Hubs and I have found a really great babysitter, and with his impending departure from the country looming we decided to make use of a great sitter and go on some dates. We are fans of dinner and a movie, so we ate dinner--I think this was at a sandwich place we weren't all that crazy about-- and then saw Civil War. 
Then it was Mother's Day and this little dude and I took a nap on the couch.  He is my snuggler.
 He is also my errand buddy. I think up the craziest things to keep him entertained and this mustache worked like a charm. TWO HOURS he was entertained. And when it lost its stick, he started flying it around the store as a Star Wars ship.
 This was a GIANT Queen Elizabeth mug that I desperately wanted to get just to say I had a giant Queen Elizabeth mug. I also wanted to say: "Would you like some Monarch-tea with that scone?"
 Spring weather.
 Friday night date night...with myself.
 And then we neared our final date night for about a month and a half. So we used our fabulous sitter again and went out to a delicious dinner at a newish place. After dinner we walked around downtown a little bit. I bought some sunglasses and then we went and saw Keanu. I had no idea what to expect going into that movie and there were lots of moments I look at Jeff with a "What the heck is this?!?!" face. But it was still a date night and I will take it! 
End of Act One. 

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