Monday, June 27, 2016


Remember when I used to post like every day? Hah. Me too. I  miss that. This week I'm going to try and get y'all caught up to the very second (TRY being the key word here). We are heading off the grid for the month of July. Don't cry! Wipe away that tear! I'll be back before you know it, and I'll probably be posting summer pictures until Christmas at the pace I'm going these days.
Ok- moving on with our trip to AZ.
BUT FIRST. A video of my singing child. Gabriel is my singer. He loves to sing and if you try to shush him or interrupt him while he's singing he puts you in yo place! Firmly.
He's a character that one.
Ok, now back to AZ.
My friend Sarah (same name, but we don't wear it out) and I were able to connect. The stars aligned! We had a lazy pool day and then went to dinner at my FAVORITE Jalapeno Inferno. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love that place so much. It is seriously THE BEST.
Oh man! Now I'm hungry and craving that place. Look at what you made me do!
The boys spent lots of time just playing. My mom has these cool magnetic builders that she brought home from her classroom and the boys entertained themselves with those for hours. They built Jurassic Park and Bat Caves and dinosaur cages and...the list goes on. They had so much fun I bought these for Gibby as a birthday gift. 
Each day we played and played and each night Gibby would crash hard.
My mom took a Friday off and we went to the Phoenix Children's Museum. That place is just the best. So creative.
Those ceiling designs are made from silverware. Gibby was coming over to take my order.
Noodle forest
The Noodle Forest leads you in to the Dream Room.
They switched up their painting piece. The last time we were at the museum they had a big castle that was just thick with paint layers. The lady helping told me that it had been painted on nearly every day for the last two years. So now they switched to a robot. 
They have a huge climbing fort. Seriously. I got lost in it last year.
The boys seemed pretty capable of wandering around in it on their own, so my mom and I grabbed a seat and watched them explore through all the different levels.
After the museum, Caderyn went over to a friend's house for a play date so my mom and I took Gibby to his favorite place for lunch: In N Out.

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